Discover The Most Common Phobias, Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment



According to an estimate in United States 19 million Americans are suffering from the specific phobias. On the other hand 15 million have social phobia or social anxiety disorder and the 1.8 million suffers from agora phobia. In the patients suffering from different phobias women have higher percentage.

In some cases you don’t need any treatment for the phobia as you can easily avoid the object of fear. It is possible in specific phobia that you can control the panic attack by simply avoiding spiders, frogs or snakes to be normal.

But in some cases you really need treatment as it is not possible to avoid the situation. You cannot isolate yourself and get stuck in your house to avoid your source of fear. In such phobias you need professional help and proper treatment. There are two main treatment methods used by the doctors and psychiatrist. It depends on the patient which treatment would work for it. These treatments are through

  • Medicines and
  • Therapy


To treat phobias with the medication involves different medicines which includes

  • Tranquilizers

Tranquilizers and sedatives helps in reducing the anxiety symptoms. But the patients who have been addicted to alcohol should not be given sedatives.

  • Anti-depressants

It affects the serotonin level in the brain resulting in the better and pleasant mood of patient. There are different anti-depressants available in the pharmaceutical stores and doctor prescribes them according to the patient history and medical need. The common side effect of these pills includes sleeping disorder, nausea, headache and restlessness.

  • Beta blockers

It reduces the symptoms of trembling and palpitation. Its common side effects are cold fingers, stomach upset, sleeping disorder and fatigue.


There are two main behavior therapies done by psychiatrist to overcome the fear and restlessness due to phobia. These behavior therapies are

  • Exposure therapy

This therapy involves the exposure of patient to the source of fear gradually. It helps in changing the response of patient towards the object of fear. If patient has a fear of being trapped in the crowd. Then in different steps they are exposed to the crowd in favorable condition that helps in changing the mind chemistry of patient for the object of fear.


  • Cognitive behavior therapy

It helps to learn different ways of perceiving the object of fear. So, it would be easier for the patient to face the object. It changes the approach towards that object from the negative to positive.

There is no single method of treatment for phobias. Some may overcome their fear only with the therapy session and some require medication. In some cases, the combination of both treatments is required to get rid of that fear.

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  1. hi
    i m suffuring with fear phobia.i leave smoking since befor 1 year. i m taking homiopaithi treatment but since its going still.pls give me the suggesion how to keep helthy about it

  2. I have been suffering from anxiety since childhood.
    There may be some genetically factors involved, but my early grooming in abuse and violent atmosphere at home played major role. Due to my father’s job and his financial conditions, me and my mother was living in her parents house. Everyday beaten by my uncle without any reasons i start to feel helpless and unsafe. In teenage people exploited my conditions which make me nore depressed and fearful life. In age of 20th i myself became violent and aggressive person. Flare up all of sudden on very small issues and started quarreling with others. Its ended up when i been put in jail for 15 days due to broken arms and head of my opponent during fight. In jail my life changed 180 dgree and again i became a depressed and anxiety patient pe. My life was ruined and miserable till age of 50s. Then i consult a psychiatrist. He given me some tranquilizers which made my conditions little better. But fear of addiction i stop taking that medicine and my conditions again worsen than that. After continue search one day i met with my a friend MBBS doctor, and he suggested Cipralex 10mg/ day. It make me better and metter day by day and now taking this med daily from 6 years my life came as a normal person. I wish someone could have been given me this treatment in my early life, i may lived a normal happy life.


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