Discover The Most Common Phobias, Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment



2. Agora phobia

This phobia is associated with the fear of open spaces or the situations you can’t escape from. The sufferers of such phobia try to avoid social situations and prefer to stay in their homes because they fear to be trapped in large crowds. Such people may also face some panic attacks in places where they feel they can’t escape.


3. Specific phobia

This phobia is a fear from certain creatures, objects, places, activities and things. This one is not as much complex as the previous two. This type of phobia does not affect the life of a person suffering from this phobia a lot as they can easily avoid the objects which trigger anxiety.

This phobia is further explained as given in table with the name and the object of fear.

Phobia Object of fear
Ophidians phobia Snakes
Cyno phobia Dogs
Aero phobia Flying
Ornitho phobia Birds
Ranida phobia Frogs
Chiropto phobia Bats
Dento phobia Dentist
Emeto phobia Vomiting
Arachno phobia Spiders
Hypochondria Illness
Driving phobia Driving

Causes of Phobias

Phobias are usually developed during early childhood or at the start of adulthood. It is very uncommon to develop some phobia after the age of 30. The usual causes behind phobias are some stressful experiences, situations or the events in the early time period of life.

  • Causes of simple phobias

This phobia is developed at the early childhood or very younger age. The main cause of the phobia is an annoying or threatening experience with the object of fear. In some cases the child whose parent is suffering from some specific phobia will also develop the phobia of that object during his childhood. Child experienced the fear from their close persons or loved ones and develops it. It is not linked with the genetics of that person.



  1. hi
    i m suffuring with fear phobia.i leave smoking since befor 1 year. i m taking homiopaithi treatment but since its going still.pls give me the suggesion how to keep helthy about it

  2. I have been suffering from anxiety since childhood.
    There may be some genetically factors involved, but my early grooming in abuse and violent atmosphere at home played major role. Due to my father’s job and his financial conditions, me and my mother was living in her parents house. Everyday beaten by my uncle without any reasons i start to feel helpless and unsafe. In teenage people exploited my conditions which make me nore depressed and fearful life. In age of 20th i myself became violent and aggressive person. Flare up all of sudden on very small issues and started quarreling with others. Its ended up when i been put in jail for 15 days due to broken arms and head of my opponent during fight. In jail my life changed 180 dgree and again i became a depressed and anxiety patient pe. My life was ruined and miserable till age of 50s. Then i consult a psychiatrist. He given me some tranquilizers which made my conditions little better. But fear of addiction i stop taking that medicine and my conditions again worsen than that. After continue search one day i met with my a friend MBBS doctor, and he suggested Cipralex 10mg/ day. It make me better and metter day by day and now taking this med daily from 6 years my life came as a normal person. I wish someone could have been given me this treatment in my early life, i may lived a normal happy life.


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