Different Ways to Use Fresh Summer Herbs


Herbs are super amazing things that not only add delicious taste to the food but it also has numerous health benefits. Adding a little green has literally bring a lot of difference to the taste, aroma and health. It is a lot better to use fresh herbs instead of those 5-6 years old, dried and packed in bottle. Adding herbs (fresh or dried) to any food, can add healthy antioxidants and multi vitamins. But try to stick with fresh summer herbs (if available), because they might have lost their nutritional values in drying process.

Fresh Summer Herbs

Have you ever think about what would pesto taste like without sprinkling basil leaves on it? Or salsa sans without the touch of cilantro leaves? It doesn’t matter if you use these herbs by a bunch or just a pinch. They add amazing aromatic taste in every dish and every food. For example, the faint liquorice kind of flavor of basil leaves vivifies and enhances lemon sorbet and pine zing taste of rosemary absolutely complements the chicken-zucchini brochettes. Sometimes only a pinch of herb can add delicate and yummiest flavor and aroma to the dish but most of the times they need to be used in handful.

5 Fresh Summer Herbs

Despite being used in dishes, many fresh summer herbs are used in medicines because of their best and amazing medicinal properties. Some of them can help you fight with inflammation and even can give protection from cancer.

1. Basil leaves:

Basil leaves are aromatic and tasty leaves when added to the food. It is said in Mediterranean cities that basil leaves are married to tomatoes because they make a super salad with basil leaves, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and olive oil and tis is considered as very healthy and very tasty.


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