Dengue Fever Treatment At Home


With all those mosquitoes around us 24/7 nowadays, we surely need to take care of ourselves. We bring most effective home remedies for dengue virus treatment at home. No one likes mosquito bites, but what we absolutely hate is a bite from infected mosquito. The widespread of dengue is so scary that only hearing this name can make your platelets level go down. With all due respect, be scared but be careful. You should know how to cover yourself from all those blood-sucking mosquitoes but more over, you should know how to treat yourself if, God forbids, you do get the Dengue fever. Here are some home remedies that will definitely be more effective than your doctors suggestions.

Dengue Fever Treatment At Home

Dengue Fever Treatment At Home

  1. Drink as much water as you can.

I know you will be like “Duh”, but in dengue fever specifically we need large intake of water because of the dehydration that is draining our bodies.

  1. Avoid solid food, drink juices.

You will hear a lot of people suggesting you to eat fruits like pomegranates, grapes, cherries and apples, because they are iron rich. But what you are supposed to do instead is not eat them but drink them. Make your own fruit cocktail or enjoy a different juice thrice a day but drink a lot of juices.

  1. Try Barley tea: Tasty and treating.

The first thing that happens to your body after dengue fever is your blood platelets level go down. Barley is known for producing platelets so you get what I mean. Try making a tea out of barley leaves, if not you can even chew it 3-4 times a day for quick recovery.

  1. Papaya juice is the cure.

With many researches it was found the papaya leaves don’t only increase your immunity but also its antioxidants properties reduce excess toxins in our blood. You can drink the fresh papaya juice by crushing the leaves and then straining it.

  1. Ease pain with the help of Fenugreek leaves.

Fenugreek leaves are known best for reducing the fever, which is the first thing you need when you have fever. But fenugreek are used worldwide for its benefits to the pain, it soothes the pain and help you sleep peacefully. Natural painkiller? Yes.

  1. Drink brewed Neem leaves. 

Neem leaves are supposed to increase your white blood cells whose blood count reduction is one of the most dangerous effect of dengue virus. Drink it after brewing and you will have your strength back in days, faster than any other home remedy as it improves the immune system.

In the end, I will only guide you to the few things you can do to prevent dengue. Do not leave the clean water open, reduce the number of plants from around your home and please cover all your body so mosquitoes cannot reach a place to bite. Use mosquito repellent creams and spray insecticides outside and inside your home if you experience a lot of mosquitoes. Worst happens and you do get infected, you always have a lot of home remedies to treat yourself.



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