Dangerous Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight


With fitness consciousness on the rise, many of the young adults today are seen very particular about their weight. Salads and low calorie food have become a trend in hipsters. People are also found boasting about Atkins and other diet plans. Many executives hit the gym early in the morning so that they do not have to feel guilty about sitting on a desk the entire day later. If you are one of those people striving hard to keep a slim and trim physique, that is good for you.

However there is another side of the story. There are individuals who strive day in and day out to lose weight, but they are unable to do so. How frustrating! And if you are one of those people, our sympathies are definitely with you.

However, instead of quitting your weight loss regime, why not explore the reasons your efforts are not working and get rid of those. Here are some factors that can fail any fitness program!

Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Insufficient water intake:

Now this is important. If you are working out, then your water intake should be at least half ounces of your total body weight. Working out without water intake does you no good. And 8 glasses a day too is obsolete in your area. So yes, take more water. Why is it important? There are reasons of course

  • Water reduces your hunger
  • Lack of appropriate water balance, your kidneys get dysfunctional and the liver has to chip in for some extra work on behalf of kidneys as well, hence storing some extra fat


Proteins are important in your weight loss, at least in the initial phases. Proteins help you lose fat rather than losing muscle. SO if you have totally skipped protein from your diet that is not a good idea at all. Mend your ways

Sitting All Day:

So you are a dedicated professional who has to sit in front of the computer almost all day. Maybe you are a programmer who is crazy about making new software. Or maybe you are an accountant whose bread and butter depend on your number crunching; or a banker maybe with late hours at work. These are some justified reasons for sitting all day. The only physical activity you have is the one hour or 45 minute workout in the morning. However research states this is not enough. Hitting the gym early morning does not compensate for your sedentary routine all day.

You can’t quit your job of course, but what you can do is take short 5-10 minutes’ walk after every hour. This will both refresh your mind and help you shed pounds.

Overestimating your achievements: 

Research shows that people eat more when they have started working out. This is because they feel that they have burned calories and now they can eat. Well this can backfire. Your physique is determined to a large extent by what you eat.

Water Retention:

Research also suggests that workout may lead to water retention, which may lead to bloating. So once you start hitting the gym, it is important that you increase your water input as well.


Want to shed pounds? Are you stressing a lot over your life simultaneously? Well stop doing so. According to research, stress hormone stimulates the fight-or-flight response which is an appetite stimulant. Moreover, stress makes you turn toward comfort foods which are generally fattening in nature. So relax and don’t let your stressful life get the best of you; because right now you are working out and you want to see results.

So people, it is important to be systematic and keep all these factors in mind for losing weight.

Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight


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