Coronavirus Update: Coronavirus death toll overtakes SARS epidemic


    Coronavirus update:

    Pneumonia –like virus hits the city of Wuhan in china which is home to about 11 million people. This virus is named as the coronavirus having the symptoms of cold and flu that causes respiratory infection leads to the death of the infected person. Initially 40 people were reported to be infected with this virus. But later the number of infected people and the death causalities are increasing with every passing day. To identify the virus disease experts are working around the world but the root virus is still unknown.

    Coronavirus overtakes SARS epidemic

    According to the current statistics coronavirus death toll has raised to about 427 death cases. The National Health commission of China stated that the number is increasing, with 57 new deaths in Monday at the center of the outbreak with Hubei province. With these facts it is identified that the coronavirus death toll overtakes China 2002-03 severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS epidemic in mainland China that killed about 427 people.


    National Health Commission confirmed 2,829 new cases of coronavirus nationwide on Sunday 2 February 2020. And according to the World Health Organization this number is going to be increased with the passing days as they still have to test the thousands of specimens from suspected cases. With these facts so far the total number of infected people globally has reached to about approximately 20,000.

    This virus is spreading and so far it has been reached to twenty four countries outside of China. In Japan 20 cases of coronavirus has been reported and so far this county is leading with the highest number of infected people with this virus outside China. In Thailand 19 people were infected with this disease. G7 countries that includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States  all have confirmed cases of coronavirus which shows that the diseases is spreading from its origin globally.


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