Coconut Oil Uses & Your Health


After a very hectic day, I bet you definitely think about getting a massage. I do too. I imagine how it would feel like to just relax and let other people do their job while you worry about absolutely nothing. I imagine what it would feel like when those expensive oils are applied to my feet to make them soft and healthy. The thing is those expensive oils feel so good because they are a little warmed before they are applied on you. You can do this with any oil available at your home for example Coconut oil. But DIY massage is not the only benefit of coconut oil. Its been years that people have been using it for various purposes. This is the only oil that is used in so many beauty products and DIY masks. Coconut oil has many uses and I will tell you about some of them.

Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut Oil Uses & Your Health

While you buy your make up, you make sure its all waterproof. You do not want yourself to look like Taylor Swift from her Blank Space music video with all mascara smeared. What problem arises at the end is how to remove this waterproof make up, specially from the weak eyelashes that are already too less to be shredded. Expensive make up removers will cost you all of your monthly budget that is to be used on beauty products. Easier and cheaper way is to take some cotton, after dabbing it in coconut oil rub it from left to right on your eye lids. Once you are sure that is done, work it on your eye lashes in up and down movement.

If you are a girl struggling with extra body hair on your arms and legs, you must know what it feels like to search for the best medium that could be applied before shaving. I shifted from shampoos and conditioners to weird moisturizers before finally realizing coconut oil is the answer. Coconut oil is anti-microbial, so no infection or worries about the small random cuts. It also makes your legs look like they are hydrated and shining without causing an extra layers of disgusting grease. Another great use of coconut oil is that it can be used as cheekbones highlighter. If you are tired of hearing people tell you that you look tired, you need to start this. After applying your everyday make up, take a few drops of coconut oil and dab it on your cheek bones. The shinning affect make your cheeks highlighted without using any expensive products. You are lucky that coconut smells so good, you get addicted to the smell of it.

Now after reading this you may swap all your beauty products with coconut oil but do not forget to do the same in the kitchen. Coconut oil makes all the food smell and taste good while giving countless benefits to your body. This inexpensive product is causing wonders and that is why everywhere in the world people are going nuts for coconut oil. Now you should too!

Follow coconut oil uses & your health will grow glow.


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