What Are The Chronic Pain Causes And Treatments?


Chronic Pain:

Change in the physiology or sensation of any body part either external or internal due to any trauma or abnormal condition is called pain. Every misery (disease) brings some sort of distress (pain) with it. It is a subjective experience and is an unpleasant feeling or sensation. Pain can be momentary, periodic or permanent. Pain is one of the most common reasons for consulting the physician. In many cases pain makes a person disabled from his/her responsibilities. But not in all cases, it only depends on the severity of an injury.

On the basis of duration, it is divided into two categories i.e. acute pain and chronic pain.

Acute Pain:

The duration of acute pain is less. Mostly, acute pain occurs after surgery, trauma, and inflammation. Stimulation of nociceptors at the site of tissue damage is the reason behind it. Acute pain acts an alarm of the body that something is wrong and needed to be examined.

Chronic Pain:

On the other hand, chronic pain is not like usual pain, it is a different story. It can be periodic or permanent.  It can affect the person’s activity and immunity. Such person faces problems to cope with everyday life.

Types of Chronic pain:

There are many types of chronic pin some of the main types are listed below:

  • A migraine (a headache) it is a chronic pain which occurs periodically. Duration of a headache differs according to different situations.
  • Arthritis is a disease of joints and causes long-lasting pain. It even affects the mobility of a person.
  • Cancer or tumor is a type of chronic disease. Pain due to cancer increases with every increasing stage.
  • Psychogenic pain is not the result of any trauma or illness rather it is due to emotional distress. For instance depression and anxiety.
  • After any surgery, the patient feels post-surgical pain. It is a warning or signal that there is something wrong in the body.

Because of any brain injury or any other chemical reasons nerve cells start to degenerate. Pain caused by the damage of brain cells is termed as ‘neurogenic pain’.

According to studies there approximately 1.5 billion to 2 billion people who are suffering from different types of chronic pain. This long-term pain has caused many disabilities.


Causes of Chronic Pain:




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