Is Cannabis A Cure For Brain Cancer?


Is Cannabis a cure for brain cancer? It’s our today’s topic but how actually cancer happens? Abnormal growth of cells in the brain cause brain cancers or brain tumour, which may lead to death if not taken proper care and treatment. All the tumours that grow in brain are not cancer causing, only malignant ones are cancerous. These malignant tumours grow and spread rapidly and covers the place of good cells and affect the blood cells in the brain. Sometimes the brain tumours starts in the part of the brain and spreads and grows in the other parts causing:
Breast Cancer
Lung Cancer
Kidney cancer
Colon cancer

Brain cancer cells usually affect the people with cancer history but sometimes it affect the person with no history or symptom before. Brain cancers also have certain risk factors which are as follow:


The risk of brain cancer occurs with the passing age or any age but it is even more common in older adults but there are certain types of brain cancer cells that only occur in kids.

Radiations and family history:

People who have direct exposure to harsh radiations all the times are more likely to develop these crucial cells. And sometimes they are so much dangerous to cure.

The next thing is people with family history. A family in which mother, father, first aunts and uncles have history of cancer, are more likely to fell prey to this serious issue.

General signs and symptoms of brain cancer are:

Severe headaches and change in headache patterns
Nausea and vomiting without any reason
Irritating behaviour
Problem in hearing
Vision problem
Gradual weight loss

Is Cannabis A Cure For Brain Cancer?

Treatment with Cannabis:

Cannabis cures cancer? Cannabis are basically drugs that include weed, hemp, marijuana, hashish, dope, and pot etc. The scientific name of these drugs is cannabis. Cannabis is a plant that grows in hotter parts of the world, and its herbs are used in many home remedies to cure many ailments.

In past few years, the scientists conducted a lot of researches which says Cannabis can help cure brain tumour cells at its initials stages. Cannabitiods are the very active ingredients found in marijuana that can kill the brain cancer cells. The scientists are conducting trial tests to check if these remedies are actually true or not but they are very much hopeful about the positive results.


  1. My aunt had a rare cancer and she was known for using marijuana on a regular basis. She succumbed to her illness unfortunately but the drug helped relieve her of her pain. I’m not a user but not against nor do I know enough about the Benifits. But I am cautious about our current method of treatments when people fall I’ll to chronic diseases. There must be a better solution for such a deadly disease.


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