Cancer Treatment Through Turnip and More Benefits


Turnips belongs to broccoli family extremely rich in iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, essential minerals, calcium and fiber. They are normally used as cooked root vegie and baby turnips are used raw in salads for its sweet taste and essential nutrient benefits. It’s important to follow balanced diet if you want your body to work properly or to shed pounds or even if you are thinking to add some inches to your waist. Latest studies shows Cancer treatment through Turnip is possible.

Let us tell you the amazing hidden benefits of turnips that are not known before.

Cancer Treatment Through Turnip

Health Benefits of Turnips

Vitamin C and Immune system:
Turnips are full of vitamin C, which helps body to absorb iron that strengthen your immune system to fight viruses and bacterial diseases. Strong immune system leads to increased metabolism which ultimately helps you to burn calories while consuming less.

Essential Minerals and Human body:
Turnips contain minerals like potassium, iron, manganese, zinc and phosphorus. These minerals plays an important part in maintaining human body healthy and working properly. A plate of 100g cooked turnips can fulfil the required amount of minerals per day.

Anti-inflammatory properties and Heart health:
Vegetables that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K that are golden key for heart attacks and diseases that turns out to be chronic inflammation, by building healthy blocks and lowering the cholesterol level in human body.

Fad diets and turnip roots:
Turnip roots are used in many fad diets as they are low in calorie but very rich in essential minerals, dietary fibers and vitamins. They helps in reducing internal body swelling and dispose bad cholesterol which makes you obese. It also helps in flushing out the toxic fluids from stomach that leads to liver disorders.

Growing height and turnips:
Turnips are full of growth hormones, iron and vitamins which can increase your height to inches if you add turnips in your daily diet. You can use turnip juice or cooked turnips along with other veggies or raw in salads to see visible difference in your height in weeks.

Cancer, phytonutrients and indoles:
Phytonutrients are the substances good for healthy body and indoles are essential for preventing cancer, liver and lung diseases. Turnips are so full of these two substances, so add turnip to your daily diet to prevent these crucial diseases especially Cancer.

Antibacterial and antibacterial properties:
Turnips contains Sulphur compound which are known to fight bacterial diseases and prostatic hypertrophy which if not treated can cause prostate cancer. So it is even better to add turnips in your diet to avoid the disease before commencement.

Skin care with Turnips:
Turnips belongs to starchy vegetable family like cabbage and Brussels sprouts, high in notorious minerals and vitamins. Add the white color inner flesh of the vegetable in salad and make it a part of your daily diet to have fresh, healthy and beautiful skin. Extract the turnip juice from the veggie and apply it on your skin early morning combined with drops of lemon juice to brighten the skin.

Bone Health:
Turnips are made up of calcium and potassium which are essential minerals for bone health and maintenance. Adding turnips to your daily diet prevents bone damage, arthritis and joint pain.

Regular consumption of Turnips can also have following benefits:

  • Improves hair health and color.
  • Treats torn heels.
  • Prevents ageing effects.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Prevents body odor.



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