Breast Cancer Signs, Stages, Symptoms, Treatment


Breast cancer is a very crucial disease that has very less percentage of survival rate. It usually appears in women but 2% of men also suffers from the disease. Breast Cancer is a disease in which cancer cells forms in breast tissues sometimes causing several symptoms and sometimes very slight changes in the body. Following are the breast cancer signs and symptoms that occurs in breast cancer patients:

  • Lump
  • Changes in Nipples
  • Changes in skin.

Breast Cancer Signs, Stages, Symptoms, Treatment

breast cancer signs

A Lump:

The first and most common sign is a lump in the breast. The woman usually finds the lump at the surroundings of the breast or in armpit area. This is sometimes seen on a screening mammogram before it can be felt by the patient herself. That lump may feel irregular, hard and not painful and pretty much different from other breast tissue and it doesn’t disappears or changes in size with menstrual cycle. If one is feeling pain with the lump than it may not be the cancer causing lump but it should be consulted with doctor.

Changes in Nipples:

Some women nipples are always jagged inward but people with normal nipples that suddenly seem inverted should be consulted by a physician or specialist. Other very serious symptom is Discharge from one nipple. It may be a sign of breast cancer, but if this is happening with both of the nipples than it may be because of some non-cancerous thing. But if it happens without squeezing or touching or the discharge is in form of blood than make immediate doctor’s appointment. Ulcers, Crusting or scaling on the nipple may be due to some form of breast cancer or a disease of nipples.

Changes in skin:

The skin of the breast and surroundings may become chubby or creased. A clotting and lumpiness of the skin is usually called orange peel skin. Soreness, swelling and increased warmth or infectious looking skin with itching and irritation may be a sign of provocative breast cancer. In this type of cancer the redness and itching I not relieved by any cream or ointment.

As this cancer grows and spreads in the other parts of the body, than symptoms like Nausea, cough, muscle weakness, lack of appetite and weight loss.


In past few years, there is an explosion of life-saving advanced and technological treatments progresses against breast cancer that brought excitement of life into patients and new hopes to live healthy life. The treatments for this crucial disease includes:


Surgery is the first attack treatment for breast cancer. Decision for surgery is taken after keeping an eye on certain factors of one’s owns personality, type of cancer, and certain factors from medical history. In Breast cancer surgery, the doctors usually cut the breast where the cancer appears and treats with medications.


After or before surgery if the cancer cells spreads across the other parts of the body or may be in the whole body than chemotherapy is the next option or better treatment. In this treatment, the highly active rays are passed through the body that weakens the cancerous cells and ultimately kills them.

Chemotherapy is yet an effective treatment but not in all cases and it does has some side effects like whole body hair loss or complete baldness, intense vomiting, nausea and very intense body weakness. Radiation treatment is also a form of chemotherapy with little difference in medical terms.

Please don’t ignore breast cancer signs and symptoms.

Breast Cancer Signs and Treatment


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