You Won’t Believe Small Quantity Of Blackstrap Molasses Do To You


Blackstrap Molasses is a byproduct of sugar cane’s refining process. Everyone around us is pretty much struggling with one condition or other, someone is suffering with anemia while others can’t find enough calcium for their bones. For all these issues there has to be a solution, and there sure is, Blackstrap Molasses. Molasses is that one thing that we widely ignore and do not realize the worth of. If we start talking about its benefits and how its treated like a “Cinderella” in foody world, it will take days. But I can shorten the benefits for you so next time you see it in market you act more like Prince Charming, instead of the evil step-mom.

blackstrap molasses benefits

Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

1) One of the only products with so much Iron in them.
Most girl spend their whole life trying to figure out a way to get out of the circle of “Anemic” people. They struggle through their irregular periods first and then pregnancy takes a toll on them. Even taking iron supplements through medicines every single day doesn’t help them. Studies have proven the iron medicines have only 10% iron which has absolutely no affect on your body and health. Molasses is the answer here. Taking 2 tablespoons of molasses every day can make your cheeks go blushing in 2 weeks. That is how effective it is.

2) Very good source of calcium.
Its been said that it contains 11.7 percent of our RDI of calcium, which means it is very good for bones. All those people suffering with weaker bones should really add this to their diet. It makes the bones healthier and stronger, it also helps kids getting taller. Toothaches have a new solution now, again taking two tablespoons every day is the answer.

3) Good for your hair.
You can google “molasses” and you’d see how the world is gushing about its good hair benefit. Molasses does wonders for all those bald men if they consume it for long time. It also restores  your original hair color and make them softer and stronger. But this is all in result of orally taking molasses. If you start applying to your hair it will act as a natural conditioner. It removes the frizziness from bleached, colored or permed hair. It brings a rich texture in our hair and prevents them from graying before time.

4) It solves your acne problem.
Lactic acid produced by the lactic acid bacteria found in molasses relieves the acne system. Lactic acid metabolizes the carbohydrates, hence, preventing acne.  Lactic acid is present in all the natural and medical treatments of acne and other skin ailments.

5) Natural and harmless sweetener for Diabetics and people pursuing weight-loss.
It stabilizes the blood sugar level and has a glycemic load of 55. It has no fat and very less calories so its suitable for people opting for dieting, Artificial sweeteners are very harmful, so avoid those and use molasses.

I am pretty sure after reading all this you wouldn’t ignore molasses and let it sit on that counter instead of grabbing it. The endless health benefits are the reason molasses should be consumed every day. Enjoy the sweetness.


    • I started taking blackstrap molasses daily after I had a friend who had a hard time nursing….she took blackstrap molasses and in no time at all she had more milk than she know what to do with!! I am still sold!


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