Avocado Tomato Toast Recipe – Healthy Eating


Avocado is an incredible fruit with incredible benefits and taste. It contains multi-nutrition like more potassium as compared to banana, fatty acids which are very much heart-healthy. It enriched in fiber, vitamins and super strong antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and gives prevention from bacteria and viruses. Avocados are also very healthy for hair and skin problems plus they can regulate the blood sugar level in the body and lower your cholesterol and regulate HDL and LDL. The fruits are grown in tropical areas of the world and are not available in the most of the world’s parts so they are exported from other areas of the world and are quite expensive. Avocado tomato toast is one of the best and tastiest dishes of Avocado.

avocado tomato toast

Avocado Tomato Toast Recipe

There are numerous healthy dishes can be made with avocados which are yummiest to eat and beautiful to present. You can make almost everything with it like you can make avocados cakes, muffins, sandwiches, salads, can sprinkle on pizzas and burgers or anything you want to. One of my favorite avocado recipe is avocado toast. Have a look at it:


Avocado: 1 large and soft
Tomato: 1
Bran bread: 2 slices
Mozzarella cheese slices: 2
Bacon: 2-4
Fresh basil: a few
Salt n pepper to taste


Make sure your avocado is pretty much soft so you can ripe and mash it easily.

Ripe the avocado and cut in cubes in a bowl and mash with the fork to turn it into fine paste like mixture or little chunky as you like. Season the paste with salt n pepper or paprika or cayenne powder.

Toast your bread on grill or in oven with olive oil and seasoning sprinkles.

Slice your medium tomato, bacon and mozzarella and set aside while you cover your toast with avocado.

Spread the avocado paste on the toasted bread slice and place bacon, tomato and cheese slice over the toast and cover with the other toast. And enjoy healthy breakfast.

You can more or lessen the ingredients of your choice.



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