Avocado Superfood Breakfast Toast Recipe


Avocado adds texture, nutrients and taste to many recipes. Avocado makes about everything better from salad to burgers, toasts and even smoothies and juices. Today we are going to teach you Avocado superfood breakfast toast recipe. There are many Avocado toast recipes like Cucumber Avocado toast, mango avocado toast, ginger mint avocado toast, kale egg and avocado toast etc. But there is no better than this delicious breakfast of two crispy bread and my favorite toppings. I will better called this toast as super berry toast because it features hemp seeds and pomegranate as well. So its probably rich in nutrients. Moreover, this avocado toast is easier to make. The end result of this recipe is something you will remember.

avocado superfood breakfast toast

Avocado Superfood Breakfast Toast

Now let’s have a look at the yummy ingredients to make avocado pomegranate and hemp seeds super toast. I am sure, this recipe will give you pleasure because its tasty and looking good. You can serve it with tea and can take it with juice as well.


2 slices of whole grain toast

1/2 Avocado

2 tablespoons Pomegranate arils

2 tablespoons Hemp Seeds

Salt and Pepper per taste


Mash the avocado on top of the toast. Top it with the Pomegranate arils and hemp seeds. Addd a good sprinkle of salt and pepper. Your tasty avocado superfood breakfast toast is ready to serve and eat.

Avocado and pomegranate not only look pleasing and delicious. Both also are nutritious rich fruits. This is perfect breakfast toast and can be great if served in holidays.


  1. I would like to have this types of drinks specially because it’s so nourishing for your health and it keeps you healthy in your day today life too.


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