Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkins You Need To Know


This yummy seasonal fruit/vegetable is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, and essential minerals and low in calorie. Pumpkin is a fast growing vine and most popular and most cultivated crop in the whole world. Pumpkin items are not only full of nutrients but also mouth-watering like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pudding, pie and even beer. Here are amazing health benefits of pumpkins you need to know for good health.

Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkins

Some of the healthy perks of pumpkin are as follow:

Healthy heart with pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds have a special chemical like other nuts, called phytosterols, which reduces the LDL (the bad cholesterol level that causes heart attacks and strokes) level from the body and keeps the heart pumping clean blood.


After a long tiring day, one must have something to energize the body instantly. Scientifically, it is recommended to take high amount of potassium after hard work. Banana is known as relaxing bar because it contains more than 400mg of potassium but wait a second. One cup of pumpkin has 564mg of potassium and it relaxes the body 100 times more than a banana.

Better sound sleep:

Pumpkin has a substance called tryptophan which relaxes the mind and reliefs tension promoting sound sleep. People suffering from insomnia (disease in which people find it difficult to sleep or can’t sleep) are highly recommended to take pumpkin seeds or pumpkin puree before bed time for sound sleep.

Fuller feeling and weight loss:

Pumpkin is low in calories and contains high amount of fibre that keeps you full for longer period even on lower calories. It ultimately boosts weight loss.

Clearer vision:

A cooked cup of pumpkin contains enough amount of vitamin A that is 200 times more than daily recommended intake. Vitamin A is essential for eyesight, and promotes clearer vision especially in dim light or at night.

Cancer protection:

Pumpkin has many nutrients like beta-carotene, antioxidants and vitamin C that prevents cancer cells to grow and kills if it already exists in the body. Especially it prevents skin cancer and other skin diseases and keeps it healthy and glowing.

Eating pumpkin can keep you younger and reduces aging effects. It also protects against UV rays in day time. Pumpkin combined with honey, sugar and drops of olive oil and clears the skin and removes blackheads and dead cells.

For now, I am sure these health benefits of Pumpkins will suffice the purpose and answer you are looking for.


  1. I’m impressed and will try most of the food and herbs for my family daily menu. Amaizing how we ignore so much for our health sake. Thumbs up

  2. oh how sweet I have always loved pumpkins and even at home I planted them,they are truly good in human health and what is amazing with them everything it has is edible being its leaves very nutritious, I just love them, thanks for sharing.


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