8 Strange Signs Which Shows You Might Have a Heart Problem


Heart diseases and problems are always linked with the higher level of blood cholesterol and triglycerides level. If your blood test shows that both the cholesterol and the triglycerides are higher than the normal range in the blood then your chances to have a cardiovascular disorder are additional. But this demands a medical test and some other procedures.

 The fact is most of the people spot that their heart is in trouble when they already have a cardiac attack or some serious issues. When it comes to get the good heart health and condition we try to eat heart healthy foods. We usually try to adopt healthy habits which have a good impact on our heart. But actually in spite of all these measures you may have the chances to suffer from the heart disease. Here we discuss about some strange signs which shows that you might have a heart problem. Though, these signs do not confirm that you are suffering from some cardiovascular disorder. But if you are having the same signs you need to check your heart condition and consult your doctor before it is too late.

8 strange signs which shows you might have a Heart Issue

These eight strange signs which are linked with the heart problems are given as under briefly.

  1. Swallowed legs and ankle

Swallowing of legs and feet may be due to many different reasons. It might be due to the standing for the longer period of time or due to heat. Sometimes you have swallowed feet and legs during the day time and it resolves in the night. In that case you do not need to worry. But if the condition remains the same for longer period of time then you need to consult your doctor. As, it may be due to some issue in your heart.

Bloating in the feet and legs shows that you might have a problem with eth heart valve. Due to the buildup of fluid named as aka edema human heart fails to process blood in and out at the normal rate causing congestive heart failure and bloating.

  1. Poor health of oral cavity

People having the poor health of oral cavity such as bleeding gums, bad breathe and sore gums are more likely to suffer from the heart disease. It is highly recommended to go to your dentist for the good hygiene of the oral cavity. Brush your teeth properly and maintain and good health of your teeth and gums.

Bleeding gums indicate the poor blood circulation in the body. Unhealthy gum is a symptom of periodontics. It leads to an increase in the inflammation in the body having a cardiovascular issue.


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