8 Natural Eye Care Tips for Attractive Eyes


8) Drink lots of water

Drinking lots and lots of water a day can not only keep your body healthy but can also strengthen your eyes. It is beneficial for different organs of the body. It has following benefits for eyes

i) Lubrication

Eyes are such organ of body that continuously needs water. Without proper hydration the eyes are unable to function properly. Without proper hydration the eyes are unable to clear out the debris of the eyes, blink properly and see without any strain on eyes. For all these reasons it is important to have plenty of water a day.

ii) Keeping your eyes healthy

At least 8 glasses of water a day keep your eyes healthy. As during hot season more water from body is lost as sweat it is necessary to compensate it by drinking more water.

iii) Prevent dry eyes

Dry eyes occur due to lack of moisture and lubrication of eyes. It can result in redness and itching of eyes and can also make them tired and weary. So, to make eyes lubricated it is necessary to drink water so that dust and debris is removed from the body and they can function properly.


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