8 Low Calorie Healthy Dips and Sauces

  1. Worcestershire sauce:

Worcestershire sauce is rich in flavor, low in calorie and loaded with iron, vitamin C and many B vitamins. Vitamin B6 found is chili pepper and garlic cloves that stimulated immune system and quercetin antioxidant found in onion have great anti-inflammatory properties. Some Worcestershire sauces can be high in sodium content, so make sure you opt low sodium sauce or use it with meals that contains no or less salt. Worcestershire sauce with medium rare beef steak or chicken steak is a match made in heaven. It also add great taste to hamburgers and BBQ sandwiches.

  1. Tabasco:

Flavour up your plate with Tabasco sauce and enjoy healthier meal every time. Tabasco sauce is prepared with chili peppers that contains capsaicin, an active ingredient that heats up the sauce and add lots of benefits to the meal. As the Remmer says that capsaicin fights with infections and aids in digestion process.

It also reduces your appetite and make you eat lesser calories. It also increase your calories expenditure that aids in weight loss process. Stir-fry your beef strips in tabasco sauce or add little of it in spaghetti or spicy macaroni salad.

  1. Ketchup:

The main and healthiest ingredient in ketchup is tomatoes. That includes lots of healthy nutrients and benefits to the human body. They contains lycopene which is an active ingredient that fights with several types of cancers like lung cancer, prostate and stomach cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Cooked tomatoes comes with lots of benefits other than these. Just make sure you use them with limited sugar and sodium.


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