8 Low Calorie Healthy Dips and Sauces

  1. Chutney:

Chutney is a zesty and sweet South-Asian dish that provides yummiest garnish to sandwiches and other appetizers. Most of the chutney recipes includes vegetables, fruits, several spices and vinegar. Popular chutney flavors includes mango, mint, and onion. Adding chutney to your plate with lunch or dinner doesn’t only make your meal taste delicious but it also increases the amount of nutrition in your plate.

This win-win sauce is low in fats and rich in veggie/fruit nutrition. It might include some sugar and salt (depends upon the other ingredients) but still it is healthier than other optional dips. Skin cranberry or applesauce with pork chops or turkey and try chutney to greater taste.

  1. Wasabi:

Wasabi is popular sauce dip when it comes to Japanese cuisine. It contains strong and spicy flavor, as it is created from root veggies. Wasabi is rich in a notable compound called isothiocyanates, which is known for fighting cancer cells. Use little wasabi with salads, sandwiches and just a spread between the toast and enjoy kick of great flavor.

  1. Guacamole:

Forget about all the things that health experts says about avocados being rich in fats. Avocados do contain fats but they are rich in monounsaturated fats including folate, potassium, vitamin E, lots of fibre and lutein (great for eye health). It also contains oleic acid that destroys bad cholesterol and decreases the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Just remember, they are healthy but they are also high in calories. Top your turkey sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas with guacamole or used with baked potatoes or potato wedges.

Healthy Dips and Sauces
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