8 Foods to Stop Buying and 8 Foods to Eat more


At the present time of convenience we all dramatically shifted from the whole food in their original form to the refined food. Our grandparents must be astonished with the present age processed, caned, ready to eat, refined and frozen foods. The fact is, if you are eating a good combo of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. These healthy foods are not as healthy as you believed it to be. It is quite possible that you are not getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals as you consider. With this healthy food you may still burden your body with the unnecessary amount of sugar and sodium. There is a chance that you are making incorrect food selections without even recognizing the fact.

In the present age we all are facing the problem of increased disease ratio. It is a good saying that the ‘’prevention is better than cure’’. So, to prevent our body with the different diseases it is highly recommended to take wise decision regarding your food.

Here we made the list of 8 foods you should add in your buying list from the grocery store and the 8 foods you have to stop buying. These foods are given with the brief description as under.

8 foods to stop buying and 8 foods to eat more

Basically we divide the food in eight categories to make it convenient for you to understand the difference between the good and bad. If we go with the title then the foods are based on the good and bad one. You have to buy your food from the good one and select the appropriate substitute for the bad one. The basic six food categories are

  1. Good vegetables and the bad one to stop buying
  2. Good fruits and the bad fruits
  3. Top Good protein and the bad one
  4. Good dairy and the bad dairy products
  5. Good legumes and the bad legumes
  6. Healthy grains and the bad grains
  7. Good fats and the bad one
  8. Good snacks and the bad snacks

1. Vegetables

If we talk about vegetables then the general concept is they all are best and healthy. But did you know that you also have to made right choices about your vegetables. Some of the vegetables are best to have while some are not good for you.

Top veggie;

All the green leafy vegetables are great and best for you. The finest cruciferous and green leafy vegetables are darkest and rich in green pigment. These vegetables include kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels spout, spinach, collard, mustard green, turnip and romaine. They are in the list of most nutritious and energetic food on this planet. These are piled up with the enormous benefits having vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They carry a low calorie content which helps you to maintain a good body weight with the improvement in the body immunity and helps protecting body cells. You have to make sure to shop them more and eat it more. You can use them in your salad with the lemon and garlic, as a complimentary dish with the main course and in smoothies.

Worst veggie;

Yes vegetables may come in your food with the worst way to eat them rather than in the healthy way. All the canned vegetables with the sauce are worst and you must have to stop buying them. They are filled with the sodium, extra sugar, preservatives, and flavors. In this condition they are not good for you as they are very low in the content of fiber and nutrition. If you are going out of time then for your convenience you can select the frozen vegetables as they are also healthy. In this case they are good because they are not piled with the extra sugar, sodium and additives.



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