8 Easy Home Remedies to Relieve Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is getting common in the current in the people. There might be many reasons behind that pain such as age, posture, weight, injury, more pressure on muscles and many others. Whatever the reason is you have to be aware about good and bad factors that affect your body. Reportedly 31 million Americans are facing the issue of lower back pain and about 80% adults are having persistent problem of back pain. People who go throw some serious medical procedures such as MRI, X-rays and other surgical procedures face more complications. It’s better to treat your pain at the initial level with the some remedies rather than the complicated medical procedures.

With the passage of time when you grow older naturally the bones and joints of your body begin to change. In human bodies there are natural cushions that are present in the joints. These cushion structures between the bones start changing and tend to wear out. Even sometimes they get fragmented and causes pain in the joints. If you are overweight or indulge in the heavy weight lifting to train your body then it may also cause injury leading to pain.

If you are having lower back pain due to some reason you can relieve that pain at home permanently with these simple home remedies.

8 Easy Home Remedies to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Remedies to Relieve Lower Back Pain
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·        Good Posture

If you are spending more of your time sitting on a chair then you need to work on your posture. Most of us don’t realize that sitting for the longer time period in wrong posture can be very harmful for you. Your feet should be flat on the floor and back should be straight. Any bending and wrong alignment is the main reason of the back bone. Stand in front of wall in a way your shoulders and feet are straight in alignment. This is the right posture you have to adopt in your daily life routine.

·        Weight

It is compulsory for everyone to measure its body mass index (BMI) and check whether you have normal body weight or not. If you are overweight then you really need to work on your body. Obesity provides the base for many health problems to be happened. It is not only important to look good but also equally important for you to feel good.


  1. Starting my low backache.. Initially I take IFT and heat. Better result. At present only pain in hip and mussel and I take now neurobion Injection after one day gap. My question is what is the reason pain in hip? During the pain that time walking defect.. please give proper advice.

    • hello,

      i have suffered greatly with lower back pain. My doctor thought I needed to take pain medications, which i did, for a while. But it went from bad to worse. I found that when I woke up in the morning, I was stiff as a board. The doctor thought I had arthritis. Yes, it is now extremely bad. Where before I used to walk, comfortably, without any assistance I now, have to use my wheelchair to get around, because the pain is so bad, I cannot walk anymore. I am a young lady . I use pain medication everyday. And I am not happy about that. Try to be as active as you can. When you notice parts of your body, begin to be painful, lay down and rest, use a hot water bottle, talk to your dr and see what they recommend and see if you can see a massage therapist. That might help. sometimes lower back pain can cause siatica and that is extremely painful.

  2. I have low back pain , pain increase long walking or standing. Please suggest ..
    5’10 inch, 79 weight ,age 42

  3. I have lower back pain and it occurs when I’m working long hours in a bending position. Sometimes it is so painful I could hardly wake up myself or stand up straight. Precious lady do you have a remedy for me

  4. I’ve a lower back pain. I’m not sure if its due to herpes simplex as diagnosed since
    yr 2001 I spend a lot sitting ,I don’t sleep properly & my life is miserable, I need more advice on this as i’m nervous every time.
    I think oh..! maybe the virus attacks more serious, I cant afford specialists for this virus. well ill try Epsom salt& see if i can be right please more help.


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