6 Severe Bad Effects Of Fast Food On Your Health


The usage of fast food is increasing and it is becoming its distinct place in our life. There are many factors involved with the increase adoption ratio of these food items. Human taste buds are in great favor of fast food. They find it delicious and so flavorful that they don’t want to quit instead of the hazardous effects of it. On the other hand this mode of food in convenient, handy and also affordable for the most of people. You can get your food just on a phone call at your door step.

Fast food

Fast food is a term used for the food that requires less time to cook. It also named as the junk food because it control the hunger pangs just like the normal food but junk because your body did not get the required energy from this food to perform its function. At the fast pace of life when you spend a hectic day and don’t want to cook then the option of fast food is appealing. But we are ignoring the fact that in this modern fast pace life our body demand healthy food to fight for the challenges rather than the junk food. Fast food has some severe bad effects on our body these factors are discussed in detail below.

6 severe bad effects of fast food on your body

  1. Causes anxiety and addiction

Fast food is the cause of the anxiety and addiction. This is one of the most severe health hazards of fast food on your body. When you start eating fast food your body develop its addiction. Whenever, you feel hungry then instead of having some healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or something else. Your body craves for the fast food that is loaded with the fats, sugar and unhealthy ingredients.



According to an article published in the Public Health Nutrition, the addiction of fast food is the reason of anxiety and depression in younger generation. They are more addicted to the fast food and when they stop eating them they feel anxiety and suffer from depression. Person addicted to fast food have 51% more likely to have depression

  1. Increased risk for cardiovascular health

Most of the fast food items are high in fat and carries no fiber in it. Fast food in the fried form is mostly fried in the oil used many times. It influences the food quality and that oil contains Tran’s fats which are not good for your heart. When you eat food very high in fat then the fiber content in food reduces but not eliminates the bad effect of that fried food in blood vessels. But fast food has no fiber so that greasy and full of fat food causes extra pressure on your blood vessels.

The abnormal activity of blood vessels due to high fat and Trans fats increases the risk of diseases like myocarditis, atherosclerosis. Even people suffering from the coronary artery disease can face the cardiac arrest or heart attack. It is better to select the healthy food options for your body because the fast food items poison your body gradually.



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