6 Health Benefits of Raw Food Diet – How it Affects the Body


6. Improved Skin & Increased Energy

People who supports and consumes raw food diet claims that raw food diet improves skin color and skin health. Plus it also boots the energy levels and makes you feel energetic all the time.

Though, there are not any proven researches to support such claims, but there are lots of people who supports and claims that raw food diet is so much beneficial. It also has pleasant effects for the whole body.

What is the Raw Food Diet?

If we talk about definition then raw food diet means eating raw, uncooked or unprocessed food. The concept basically states that when you cook the food, the heat destroys the nutritional values of the food and also kills the essential enzymes that makes food healthy.

In raw food diet, food is cooked in limited dehydration and other excess heating methods. This is pretty much similar to vegan diet in which people consume only fruits and raw vegetables in abundance.
People who follow raw food diet are categorized in 4 ways, i.e.
Raw Vegans: All raw foods with zero animal products.
Raw Vegetarians: All raw foods with dairy products and eggs.
The Raw Carnivores: Raw meat.
Raw omnivores: All plant and animal foods.

Well, consuming raw vegetables and fruits is easy. I mean it’s more like not difficult but consuming raw meat is a bit too much. But when you think more about it, you will think about Italians, Japanese, Latin Americans and Hawaiians who consumes Carpaccio, Sashimi, Ceviche and poke. So this means consuming fishes and raw meat is not that uncommon. But they are just not as common and prominent in today’s world of processed food.

The thing which I appreciate most about raw food philosophy is it includes eating whole and unprocessed food. Unlike the detox and fad diets that aids in losing weight in shortest period of time. But raw food diet is known for improving your overall health. So we need to know the health benefits that you can get through raw food diet.


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