6 Health Benefits of Raw Food Diet – How it Affects the Body


4. Lower BMI

There was a research conducted that compared the effects of typical and raw food diet over the course of 4 years. There were 18 participants who followed average American diet while another 18 participants followed strict raw food diet. People who followed raw diet showed lower BMI than the people who followed regular diet. To be more precised, people who followed strict raw diet showed 20.7 BMI in men and for women it was 20.1. And people who followed American diet showed 25.5 BMI in men and 25.4 in women on average.

By following regular raw diet, you can reduce your BMI plus you can save your body from lots of chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart strokes and attacks.

5. Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases

There are Bioactive compounds in plant based foods that interacts with enzymes, cells, hormones and DNA and affects cells changes and gene expression. This interaction also helps to reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases.

Unhealthy and processed foods have absolutely opposite effects on health. As they aren’t came with benefits but lots of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, digestion problems, chronic inflammation and blood pressure and many more.

But raw food diet is here to combat problems like this.

According to collective evolution, one of the main cause of many chronic diseases is inflammation or acid reflux and antioxidants present in natural raw food can help you reduce inflammation and prevents acid reflux.


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