6 Health Benefits of Raw Food Diet – How it Affects the Body


3. Strong Immune System

Isn’t it funny when people say that they are suffering from weaker immunity and they are taking immunity boosters like Airborne? I mean seriously? Why people have to head to medical counters to boost their immune system when they have so much in their kitchen?

If you look carefully at the back of such products in ingredients list, you will see that the 90% of immunity boosters contains lots of vitamin C in them. Is that a co-incidence? No. Vitamin C is one of most essential ingredient that boosts immunity. Instead of spending your money on such powdered forms of vitamin C that too is processed, you can get it directly by consuming raw foods rich in vitamin C like raw red peppers and carrots.

We are specifically talking about raw form of such foods because canned carrots and peas loses 85% to 95% of vitamin C while being processed for the packing. Same goes with cooking process. If you are using too much heat while cooking, these vitamin C rich foods can lose 15% to 55% of vitamin C. Though carrots and red peppers aren’t the only raw foods that contains lots of vitamin C. But the list is quite long and it includes:

Goji berries

Not just rich in vitamin C but raw food diet is super beneficial in losing weight.


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