6 Health Benefits of Raw Food Diet – How it Affects the Body


2. Combats Anaemia

Another veggie which is best when consumed raw is beet. But when it is cooked it loses more than 25% of folate. This is a reason beets are more popular for juicing. Now the question arises that why we need folate because isn’t it folate necessary for pregnant women? Yes it is but we all need folate.

Folate helps in creating new healthy cells because it is a water soluble B vitamin and when it is combined with vitamin B12 it also helps in promoting new red blood cells. When we have less or no folate in our body we could be extremely tired and weak and irritable. Folate deficiency may cause decrease in appetite, make you look drained of blood or pale and super unhealthy.

More importantly, folate deficiency can cause anaemia. Anaemia attacks when there is a shortage of red blood cells in the body and this leads to the poor oxygen circulation in the body. Consuming raw beets can overcomes the folate deficiency and sparkles the life with health and fitness. It can also boosts immune system and aids in weight loss.

Health benefits of raw food diet


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