6 Health Benefits of Raw Food Diet – How it Affects the Body


I can’t understand people who eat vegetables sautéed in hot butter and lots of cheese or people who orders blackened food. I wonder what they would get except chemicals and carcinogens.

When I came across people like this, I literally wonder if they are getting any nutrients and how they are going to spend their lives in a healthy way because I know they won’t. Like broccoli is pretty healthy vegetable with lots of nutrients. But what benefits a broccoli I going to give when it is overcooked in lots of cheese? Well, people who supports raw food diet would be shocked to hear about this. And this is because raw food diet supporters believes that food provides the most amount of nutrients only when it is in raw form.

Raw food diet is not actually a diet but it is a part of clean healthy eating in a more extreme way, because your food is not bombarded with calories. In the world of healthy and clean eating, the most important food is fresh vegetables and fruits, heart-healthy fats, complex carbs, and lots of lean proteins. But the raw food diet takes the clean healthy eating to next level. There are proper guidelines that describes about how you should cook and consume your specific healthy food. Here are the few benefits of raw food diet. But before that we will explain that what actually raw food diet is?

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

After learning about vegan diet and its health benefits, I came to know that why so much people are drawn towards consuming lots of animals and vegetables. No processed food can beat the nutritional values and incredible benefits of fruits and vegetables. By consuming fresh veggies and fruits, you are filling your body with lots of fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and all these essential nutrients collectively makes your body smarter, healthier and beautiful.

Here are the incredible benefits of raw food diet:

1. Cancer Protection

According to a journal written on Agricultural and food chemistry, raw broccoli has more benefits as compared to the cooked broccoli. It contains blood pressure lowering and anti-cancer compounds known as sulfuraphane. Researchers have measured that how much change is occurred in this compound when it is heated (when broccoli is cooking). And according to the results of research, when a person consumes raw broccoli, there are higher amounts of sulfurphane found in bloodstream and urine but when cooked broccoli is consumed the absorption of the compound was delayed.

Garlic is another food that fights with cancer causing properties when it is consumed raw. According to the researches, consuming one garlic clove everyday can reduce the risk of cancer by 80%.

Not only cancer but raw veggies are beneficial in treating issues like blood pressure, diabetes and immunity problems. But they are more beneficial in raw form because they are actually available for the bodies to use.


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