50 Healthiest Foods on the Planet


Food and water are the most important things in our life. These material things are crucial to survive. We need it badly for the normal body functioning. Water is best in its natural way. Food is getting diverse and complex with the passage of time. We are trying to make our life more convenient but the desire to get changes in life again and again making it hard and difficult. We are going to live our life only once. So, value your life and go with the clean and healthy eating options as they will also help you to live longer and quality life.

When you go for the grocery shopping next time keep in mind that you have to fill your basket with the healthy food items. The key to healthy food is take food in its natural form. Food in its natural form is always good but when it gets some human intervention it may lose its health content. On a safe side, select fresh food close to nature.

Here we have a list of 50 healthiest foods on the planet.

50 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

1. Green tea or black tea

Green tea and black tea both are very good for your health. The Green tea is healthier as black tea loses some of its nutrients during its processing. It works for the enhancement of your metabolism and shrinkage of fat cells. It is also good for the proper cardiovascular activity.

2. Spinach

Spinach is probably the most popular green leafy vegetable amongst all. It is the good source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein and iron. Spinach gives you the instant energy. It has anti-inflammatory properties and heart healthy folate. Spinach in cooked form is great as it is easy for your body to absorb its benefits.


3. Broccoli

Broccoli is the best cruciferous vegetable. It has more protein as compared to the other vegetables. Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber. It tastes good in both raw and cooked form.


  1. Very informative details. It is never too late to start it, if one has not been following so far. Circulate to as many as one can.

  2. i would say olive oil is better than any of the meats, or dairy
    same for coconut oil, and flax seed and many more
    butnice try


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