5 Vegan Breakfast Recipes with at least 15 Grams of Protein


4. High protein English muffin with creamy cashew spread and lox

This breakfast is made with the combination of the entire healthy substitute to kick start your day in the morning. Instead of a New York style bagel we opt for the high protein English muffin. According to the USDA research a New York style bagel is the same to the eating of four slices of white bread.

We also use the cashew and bean based spread instead of mayonnaise or cream cheese to cut the saturated fats in the recipe. A tomato based lox with the Smokey flavor of paprika instead of the real lox. Let’s have a look at the whole recipe.



5 double protein English muffin

2.5 cup diced tomatoes Roma style

2 tea sp. olive oil

1 tea sp. paprika smoked

1 tea sp. garlic powder

01 tea sp. liquid smoke

1 Tb sp. brown sugar

3 Tb sp.  Cider vinegar

8 oz cashew raw

1 cup white kidney beans

¼ tea sp. sea salt

2 Tb sp. oil

Half cup cucumber

10 g red onion

1 Tb sp. canned capers

1 spring fresh Dill weed

¼ tea sp. everything seasoning


Firstly prepare tomatoes, make some cuts in length and cook in boiled water for 1-2 minutes. Remove skin and put them in fridge to cool down.

Prepare marinade by mixing brown sugar, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, paprika, garlic powder, liquid smoke and everything seasoning.

Now take out cool tomatoes from fridge as it is easy to remove its seeds and cut them in slices. Put sliced tomatoes in the marinade mix and refrigerate for at least two hours.

To make the sauce, combine cashews, beans, oil and vinegar. Blend them all in the high powered blender until you get a smooth sauce mixture.

Top muffins with the sauce between the two halves, at the top put prepared tomato lox and your favorite topping made with the red onion, cucumber and canned capers and enjoy.

It has about 474 calories per serving from the total of 5 serving.

5. Kamut Porridge with cherries and walnuts

Kamut carries a sufficient amount of protein in it. It is an ancient grain from Egypt and has 9.8 grams of protein per serving. It is the best source of protein in vegan diet. When it is combined with the walnuts and cherries the benefits get doubled. Cherries are natural sweeteners and helps in the muscle recovery, while the walnuts are packed with the omega-3 fatty acids and add required crunch in the porridge bowl. The addition of soy milk and the pea milk increases the protein percentage in the recipe.


1.5 cup Kamut

24 oz unsweetened soy milk or pea milk

1 cup water

2 Tb sp. honey

Half cup sweetened dried tart cherries

Half cup walnuts

¼ tea sp. sea salt


Soak Kamut in water overnight. In the morning remove excess water and chopped until pieces are lightly chopped.

Take a pan and boil milk and water in it. Now add Kamut in the pan cover and simmer on low heat for 30-40 minutes. Add salt and made the required thickness with water.

This porridge serves four. Add porridge in bowl and top with the walnuts cherries and honey to enjoy the healthy and delicious treat in the morning. It has approximately 467 calories per serving in it.


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