5 Vegan Breakfast Recipes with at least 15 Grams of Protein


3. Sweet potato hash with tofu

It is made with the three main ingredients such as sweet potato, tofu and avocado. To add flavor in it, spiced up with the salsa and seasonings. It is very easy to make, yet delicious and very filling. If you run out of time in the morning then you can made the sweet potato earlier and put the mixture in airtight jar and refrigerate. In morning just spice up with the seasoning and add some olive oil and the dish is ready to bake.


2 sweet potatoes (medium cooked)

2 avocados without skin and seed

8 oz extra firm Tofu

1 Tb sp. olive oil

½ Onion

1 tea sp. smoked paprika

½ tea sp. sea salt

1/8 tea sp. Cayenne pepper sauce

½ cup salsa

3 Tb sp. Hemp seeds


Take a bowl and add in it sweet potatoes, olive oil and spices. Coat them well. Take a cookie sheet and bake sweet potatoes for about 40 minutes or tender.

Take a pan and add olive oil. Also take onion and cook until sauté. Now add tofu and keep stirring. Tofu will crumble now add sweet potato mix in the pan and stir to combine the mixture properly.

Put that mixture in a plate and top with the sliced avocado, salsa and Hemp seeds. It has 337 calories per serving.


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