5 Vegan Breakfast Recipes with at least 15 Grams of Protein


2. Oats with chia and hemp seeds

Oats are rich source of fiber and superlative food for your digestive system. Overnight soaked oats are just amazing and to add more flavor and vitamins in it you can add apricots (loaded with the vitamin A and C). You can change the fruit according to your choices and get the benefits of that fruit. In order to add protein in it chia seeds and hemp seeds are great. They are an amazing source of omage-3s and protein. Let’s have a look at the ingredients and recipe.


Half cup rolled oats

12 oz unsweetened pea milk

2 oz chia seeds

1 or 2 Tb sp. Of honey

1 Tb sp. of Hemp seeds

2 apricots


Take a bowl, add rolled oats, chia seeds, honey and protein milk. Store that bowl in refrigerate overnight. In the morning add apricots and Hemp seed in it and enjoy. It carries 746 calories approximately and is just amazing for your body. It has zero cholesterol in it and helps in maintaining the good gut health and the cholesterol level in the body.


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