Top 10 Home Remedies and Foods to Treat Oral Thrush



5. Other herbal remedies:

There are lots of herbal medicines that can treat oral thrush. These herbal treatments includes peppermint, black walnut, wormwood, rosemary, Oregon grape, tea tree oil, grapefruit, reishi mushroom, pau d’arco and dandelion tea, pau d’arco and its supplements have very strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that treats oral thrush in less time as compared to other medications. Herbal experts says that drinking pau d’arco tea every day can treat oral thrush and related infections.

Other Tips and Tricks for Oral Thrush Treatment:

Following are the quick tips that can treat and prevent oral thrush.


1. Change your brush every 2 weeks because fungus can stay on your toothbrush with changed color.

2. Remove your dentures while sleeping.

3. After every meal scrape and floss your tongue with metal or copper scrapper to remove food particles from the tongue because there are certain foods that can contribute to oral thrush. Such foods are pickled foods, mushrooms, nuts like pistachios and cashews and dairy foods.

4. Avoid very sugary and processed foods because such foods aids the candida to grow more. Eat natural sugary foods like honey and fruits that too in moderation.

5. Most of the times while candida treatment or cleansing process you might feel symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, bloating, gas and weakened brain function. There are some symptoms that can indicate that candida is leaving your body and these symptoms include you will more energized and focused.



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