Top 10 Home Remedies and Foods to Treat Oral Thrush


5 Natural Remedies for Oral Thrush:

There are certain anti-fungal medications available in the market and their repeated use can cause resistant-strains to fungous pathogens including those that cause oral thrush. But fortunately, there are some useful and healthy natural remedies that can aid in oral thrush.


1. Caprylic acid:

Organic coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that contains yeast-fighting properties. Caprylic acid is rich in properties that kills candida yeast cells, speed up the healing process from oral thrush and detoxifies the digestive tract. Journal of acupuncture and electro-therapeutics stated that caprylic acid can reduce the fungal symptoms including oral thrush and candida.


2. Natural antibiotics:

Antibiotics can contribute to increase oral thrush symptoms but some natural antibiotics will help fighting with oral thrush symptoms while strengthening immune system. These natural antibiotics includes allicin in garlics has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-parasitic properties that treats fungal infections and oral thrush. Oregano oil is also rich in antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasite and anti-bacterial properties, colloidal silver is also rich in health friendly properties that treats oral thrush. Besides treating oral thrush, these natural anti-biotics can also treat many other infections like vaginal thrush and systematic candida.


3. Milk thistle:

This is a supplement that removes the harmful medications and their effects from liver. Medications like birth control pills, corticosteroids and anti-biotics. Milk thistle should be used during liver and kidney detoxification process from anti-candida. It also aids in removing harmful pollutants and heavy metal from the body that weakens the immune system.

4. Essential oils:

Essential oils like clove oil, oregano oil, myrrh oil, chamomile and sage oil are highly beneficial to treat inflammation caused by oral thrush. In fact, these essential oils are rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasite properties that kills fungus and parasites. Combination of chamomile, myrrh and sage essential oil are super amazing for strengthening immune system and controlling oral thrush.



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