Top 10 Home Remedies and Foods to Treat Oral Thrush



2. Coconut oil:

Coconut is a super food against oral thrush and candida. Combination of lauric acid and caprylic acid is considered powerful mixture that kills harmful candida in the body. According to a study mentioned in 2007 medicinal journal coconut oil can cure fungal infections. Lauric acid is helpful for killing viruses, fungus and bacteria, after converting into monolaurin. Best type of coconut oil is organic virgin.

Coconut also contains antiseptic properties that treats bacteria found in mouth and also detoxifies the oral cavity. Simple add coconut oil in regular food cooking or put 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth and spit out. Make sure you don’t swallow because swishing might contains bacteria and toxins from the mouth.

3. Cinnamon:

People who use cinnamon in their regular diet whether as a cinnamon supplement or as an essential spice, are less likely to develop fungal infections of oral thrush. Cinnamon oil is known for its anti-candidal properties and is very effective to prevent, treat and control oral thrush.


4. Bone broth:

Chicken or beef bone broth is an incredible food remedy to improve digestive functions and immune system. This broth can also treat oral thrush and leave your body powerful than before. Get some organic chicken or beef bones from the local shop. Put it in a pot with water and heat for 30 minutes on high heat. Add more water and cook on low heat. Now add vegetables of your choice, salt n pepper and apple cider vinegar to taste with few herbs for greater taste now let it cook for 24 hours on low heat and serve hot.

5. Warm starchy vegetables:

Lots of starchy and warm vegetables like kohlrabi, carrots, zucchini, mung beans, spaghetti squash, lentils and adzuki beans are known for killing candida fungus in mouth. They are great support for the body to clear out the bacterial fungus.



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