Top 10 Home Remedies and Foods to Treat Oral Thrush


2. Medications:

There are certain medicines that can upset the fungus balance in mouth and as a result fungus overgrowth in the mouth can cause oral thrush. Medicines that can upset the balance of microorganisms in the mouth includes birth control pills, corticosteroids, and antibiotics. In this case, prebiotics will help offset and balance the damage caused by the medicines.

3. Diabetes:

People suffering from diabetes are more likely to develop oral thrush. Sugar feeds on yeast and people with untreated and uncontrolled diabetes have high saliva content and this encourages fungus growth causing oral thrush. In 2012, a study was published in an Indian journal that suggested that diabetics are more likely to get infections especially since a hyperglycemic environment causes immune system weakening.

4. Denture wearers:

Redness and cracking at the corner of the mouth is also a common example of getting oral thrush. This is more common on people who wear dentures. Plaque, bacteria and sugar will gather on dentures and help the fungus to grow and spread.

5. Cancer treatments:

Cancer patients are more likely to get candida infection because disease and treatment help the fungus to spread in the body and to weaken it. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy dries out the mouth that increases oral thrush. A journal of infection said that candida and fungus can be a serious problem for people suffering from cancer. 74 out of 224 cancer patients were also diagnosed with candida overgrowth and oral thrush.

5 Foods for Oral Thrush:

As we know that diabetes can be a main reason that can cause oral thrush or candida overgrowth, so a low-glycemic diet can be a good way to prevent oral thrush. This diet slowly raises the blood sugar levels in the body and this should be anti-candida and anti-inflammatory. Low-glycemic diet may include vegetables, natural and organic foods and foods that contains very little molds. Following are the 5 foods that can prevent and treat Oral thrush:

1. Agitated vegetables/probiotic foods:

Agitated vegetables and probiotic foods can strengthen the immune system and boost the microflora in human body. Kimchi is full of agitated vegetables including cabbage and it can leave very positive effects in fungal treatment. Sauerkraut is another probiotic food that balances the amount of bacteria present in your mouth and whole body. High probiotic dairy and cultured foods like kefir also helps in balancing the bacteria and killing the harmful fungus in mouth and body.



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