Top 10 Home Remedies and Foods to Treat Oral Thrush


Human mouth can reveal a lot about human health and one great example is through Oral thrush, which is also called oropharyngeal candidiasis and oral candidiasis. This is a condition when there is an overgrown fungus in mouth and throat. This fungus is also called yeast.

Yes, fungus can live in mouth as well. Usually it is less harmful but when there is fungal build-up it can feast throughout your mouth including inner cheeks, tonsils, gums, back of throat, and the roof of your mouth.

Oral thrust is common in older adults and infants but people with weak immune system can also be affected. One of the major problem of oral thrush is, it can spread through person to person. New born kids get it during birth while in adults it is passed through saliva.

Oral Thrush Symptoms

Most of the people with oral thrush are unaware of the disease until they witness an unpleasant and white film on their tongue, when they open their mouth. This white coating on the tongue can be really painful and it can cause bleeding from the tongue and teeth while brushing or eating. These severe scratches will appear upstretched and look like cottage cheese. In severe conditions there would be swelling or soreness and cause severe pain or bleeding while eating or swallowing.

Some other symptoms may include bad breath, dry mouth, weird cotton feel inside of the mouth and loss of taste. Infants suffering from oral thrush will experience fussiness, irritability and difficulty in feeding.

Oral thrush can also be a reason that candida fungus is also going all over the body. For example, a women may suffer from vaginal yeast infections and infants may suffer from diaper rash. While in other people, sometimes fungus spreads the whole body and causes the immune system to weaken. And people who already suffer from weak immune system may get cancer because overgrown fungus may cause blood to poison.

Other rear symptoms may include constipation, abdominal pain, constipation, canker sores, diarrhoea, colitis, rectal itching, fatigue, bladder infection, kidney disorders, congestion, depression and anxiety, headaches, coughing, limb tingling and numbness, allergies, genital fungus and chronic rashes. In rear cases, a patient might lose memory and feel difficulty in concentrating.

5 Root Causes of Oral Thrush

Whenever you feel signs of oral thrush, you should immediately rush to your doctor before it gets very severe because fungal condition might cause some really serious body ailments. Potential oral thrush causes may include stress, high sugar diet and excessive use of mouthwash. Yeast infection on vagina may also cause oral thrush in the body.

1. Impaired immune system:

A weakened immune system can be the main reason or oral thrush and this is a reason infants and elderly people are more likely to suffer from the disease. You will feel your tongue deeply coated with bacteria and this will indicate poor gut function and bacterial imbalance. 70%-80% of immune system is located in digestive system or gut. Oral thrush can also appeared in people with some serious compromising immune systems like people undergoing through cancer treatments i.e. chemotherapy, immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).



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