4 Easy Medicinal Herbs to Grow Indoors


German Chamomile

Chamomile is a super herb that treats insomnia, menstrual cramps, boosts immune system and reduces depression and anxiety level. It has the same compounds that the pharmaceutical medicines used in their anxiety relief medicines. It is tested on animals by Japanese team, they make the stressed animals stay under the vapours of chamomile and as a result their anxiety level reduces to great extent.

Chamomile is mainly used in tea. Pluck chamomile leaves and place in direct sunlight for a week and store in air-tight jar. Add 2 spoon of leaves in steeping water and drink after 10 minutes. It also reduces excess body fat.

How to grow:

Chamomile is a bushy herb that can grow from seed or even from cutting. It is a sun-loving plant that thrives in sunlight and heat and in well-drained soil. It can also be grown indoor but it requires large spot to grow and a place where light reaches directly as it is not rain friendly plant.


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