4 Easy Medicinal Herbs to Grow Indoors


Use of medicinal herbs is common since the oldest human civilization. Plants have the ability to fight back many crucial diseases and severe attacks of insects and predators. The use of herbs as medicines is universal and most affordable treatment in the world. According to the research of WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), 80% population of Central Asia and Africa uses herbs as medicines for primary health instead of purchasing pharmaceutical medicines. In recent years, the availability of scientific evidence about herbal medicines, increased their uses. People tend to grow some common and important herbs in their garden.

Some of the very beneficial and easy to grow herbal medicines are as follow:

4 Easy Medicinal Herbs to Grow Indoors


Peppermint is more like regular mint and its speciality is Menthol, which is why peppermint tea is beneficial for sore throat and cough, and it is also an effective decongestant and expectorant. Peppermint also relieves gastric problems such as irritable bowel disorder, heartburn, colonic tremors, and intestinal emptying syndromes.
How to grow:
Peppermint is universal herb that can grow anywhere and in any weather condition but flourishes in moist and rich soil and off course in shade. It is ideal to grow in your indoor garden.



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