30 Day 50 Push-up Challenge – Change your Body in 30 Days



This is the week where you would feel a little apprehensive. You would be very satisfied at the start but when you give yourself 20 push ups, you would feel the need to pause in between. And that would usually happen in the last 5 push ups.

You could break up the whole round into two sets (10 each) and have a break less than a minute called a, which is called a “breather”. But it’s usually good to reach your decided total of push ups without ceasing in between. Because the more exerted your muscles are under that strenuous force, the harder they’re building. But if you really need to stop, you should stop. Keeping in mind that the breather should be less than a minute.


As the objective total of the push ups moves higher, you will find that at some time in the 24 hours, you find it easier to play out the reps, at the time when your muscles are not tired. Breathing will also affect the process of workout. Inhale as you push towards the floor, and then breathe out as you’re pushing away from the floor. Breathing is how you get the energy to push away from the floor. Also, concentrating on your breath will occupy you away from the burning sensation in your arms.

30 Day 50 Push-up Challenge
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Last Two Days to complete 30 days:

Jumping from 42 repetitions to 50 in 3 days is unpleasant. You can conclude the end part of the whole game in two sets of 25 push-ups (so that you don’t overwork yourself).

Better be damn glad about yourself then. Fifty push-ups! In succession! You would have understood and managed to find a better stance too by now because of muscle memory. Once the unbiased or neutral spinal position is found, the individual starts practicing it every day.


  1. I am an 80 yr old male i do 100 press ups ever morning long with deep breathing and squats
    IT MAKES my heart beat rise for a few minuets i also walk for aprox
    2 has a day i fe el as fit now ás í did ln 50 s excersize is the secret to good health


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