30 Day 50 Push-up Challenge – Change your Body in 30 Days


Having talked about food, now let us talk about the exercise or work out that will make you lose weight in real meaning. Whether it’s your first time giving exercise a shot, or it is so that you worked out at some point and then left, therefore are starting again. There are proper steps you got to follow when you are into this!

This work out plan will help you to momentously improve your body build and vigor. Let us guide you on how to do 50 repetitions of push ups in a month’s time.

Push ups or press ups are common calisthenics that are preformed rhythmically by raising and lowering the body using the arms, in a prone position. This exercise has effects on pectoral muscles, triceps, anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobranchialis and midsection as a whole.

30 Day 50 Push-up Challenge

Week One:

You would appreciate this tender warm-up time spell since it will give you the time to concentrate on your body build. Start each bout in a straight arm plank and keep in check the following:

Find an impartial and fair spinal position, so that the shoulder bones line up to the upper portion of your back and hip muscles. Draw in the hip muscles. Through voluntary action, push abs in. Keep hips from moving up, and do not allow elbows to flare past the wrists. Above all, inhale and exhale. Imagine this push up as a plank that moves, in your mind. Throughout the week, do the reps as carefully as you can. And soon you will feel that the body is now accustomed to this movement.


Many people describe push ups as agonizing and disturbing, but amid week two, you will start to appreciate the test and enjoy it. Achieving your set number of push ups every time will inspire and motivate you. What’s more, you would know that you will be moving to the next work out only in 2 or 3 reps!

This workout has an amazing feasibility fact that it can be done any place, at whatever time, in any kind of dress. If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to fix a schedule for this. You will feel pretty relieved once you start this workout because you can adjust it anywhere into your time. You don’t need to give a lot of time to prepare for this workout.


  1. I am an 80 yr old male i do 100 press ups ever morning long with deep breathing and squats
    IT MAKES my heart beat rise for a few minuets i also walk for aprox
    2 has a day i fe el as fit now ás í did ln 50 s excersize is the secret to good health


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