20 Foods To Lower Uric Acid Level Naturally


11. Green tea

The regular intake of green tea helps to lower the uric acid and also lowers the danger of developing gout in the body.

12. Boldo tea

Boldo tea leaves are present in the super markets and the botanical stores. This tea is very good to treat high uric acid naturally. Daily intake of this tea is very good for you and highly effective.

13. Celery and parsley

Celery and parsley are very effective in lowering the uric acid. You can use them at home easily by just blending some of its sticks in water and drink it on the empty stomach in the morning. Celery seeds can also be taken itself to lower uric acid naturally.

14. High fiber foods

An increase in the consumption of dietary soluble fiber in your diet will help you a lot to get rid of high uric acid easily. Dietary soluble fiber absorbs the uric acid from blood stream and removes it out of the body through kidney.

15. Tomatoes, broccoli

Tomatoes and broccoli are alkaline in nature and prevent the formation of uric acid in the blood. Usage of a salad bowl made from tomatoes, broccoli, cucumber and other green leafy vegetable before meal is very good for your health and for the treatment of high uric acid.



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