15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes


12. Restaurant hamburgers

A big cheesy hamburger is everyone favorite and very tempting. But it can be high in saturated fats which is the leading factor for the high cholesterol. In diabetes you don’t need to cut the saturated fats completely from your diet. You are recommended to limit the saturated fat to 7% of your total daily calories. If you are having some serious cravings for the hamburger then go for the lighter menu options and check the restaurants nutrition information list before eating.

13. Frozen food

Frozen meals are convenient and very popular amongst us. But the point is they are loaded with the sodium and also high in fat content. Frozen food such as frozen pizzas, pie and other items are very bad for the diabetic patient.

14. Store bought baked food

Baked foods are not good for you and you need to cut it from your diet. That food is high in calorie, fat, sugar and even Tran’s fats. The entire bakery bought cakes, pastries and other items are bad for your health. You are unaware of the presence of the sugar and fat content in it. It is better to bake your food for you at your home. And select the healthy food options.

15. Fried food

The fried food is the other worst food option as they carry fat and even Tran’s fats which are dangerous for you. Fried better fish is loaded with the sodium and fat at the same time. So, be very careful about your diet in diabetes. Because fish is the best food in nutrition but its cooking method may cause harm to your health.


  1. In future, pl. publish the advice to suit Indian conditions, as much of the advice does not apply to us. Certain advices are welcome


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