15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes


7. Special coffee drinks

Coffee is not bad for the human body. In fact it is very good for the health of human body but the addition of artificial sweeteners, flavors and whiteners may change the story. Coffee without any sugar and whitener has zero calories, improves the metabolic rate and good for the heart health.

Special coffee drinks such as peppermint mocha at the Starbucks carries 54 grams of sugar and 63 grams of carbohydrates. And a caramel swirl at the Dunkin Donuts has 55 grams of carbs with the load of sugar in it. So, there is a big no for the special coffee drinks in diabetes.

8. White bread

White bread is made with the heavily processed grain. It carries a significant amount of carbohydrates. If you are diabetic then you need to completely cut the white bread from your dirt. Whole grain bread is good for diabetic patient as it carries more fiber in it and does not harm the balance of blood sugar level.

9. Candy

Candies have concentrated amount of sugar in it. Even some candies are sugar bombs and may harm your health. Candies are made with the sugary syrups and corn syrup. It may even cause diabetes so it’s better to avoid that unhealthy food item.

10. Dried fruit

We always read about the health benefits of fruits and the benefits of fruits for your body. But in diabetes the condition is bit different. Fruits have some high content of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. High carb foods are not good for the diabetic patient. It may cause the imbalance of blood sugar level in the body. Dried fruits have carbohydrates and sugar in concentrated form. So it’s better to control your portion size and go for the low carb and low sugar fruit options.

11. Readymade pie and cookies

These popular desserts are full of sugar and made with the refined grains and sugar. This high level of carbohydrate may increase the risk for unhealthy outcomes. Health comes first so you have to control your cravings for these desserts. People with the diabetes are at high risk of heart diseases so you need to take the best care of your heart and health.


  1. In future, pl. publish the advice to suit Indian conditions, as much of the advice does not apply to us. Certain advices are welcome


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