15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes


3. Nachos

Nachos are an appetizer but the presence of fat, carbs and calories exceeds an entire meal. A regular nacho carries approximately 39 grams of carb, 59 grams of fat and 830 calories in it. The blend of all these nutrients in one appetizer may cause some serious health issues in your body.

4. Donuts and bagels

Donuts and bagels are made from the highly processed refined grains. They are very high in carbohydrates and spikes up the sugar level in human body. Bagels and donuts are foods which are high in carbs and sodium at the same time. Diabetic patients need to say no to such foods because it may feel harmless for the diabetic patient but actually it can really worsen the body condition.

5. Fruit juices

Fruit juices seem to be good for you. But the fact is that the sugar content in the soda water and the fruit juices is similar. More than that, the addition of the preservatives and the chemicals made it bad for you rather than healthy. Instead of having fruit juice it is much better to use the fruit as it has fiber and free from the preservatives. In diabetes the fruit juice is not the good option and you need to avoid.

6. Processed meat

Processed meat is high in fat and sodium at the same time. In diabetes you need to go with the nature. Try to have food in its natural form. Food in processed form decline in its nutrient value and instead of having its benefit you absorbs the toxin in your body. In diabetes processed meat is the worst meat option even though it increases the risk of carcinoma in the body.


  1. In future, pl. publish the advice to suit Indian conditions, as much of the advice does not apply to us. Certain advices are welcome


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