14 Exclusive Tips & Exercises for Perfect Posture


Do you know that every inch your head moves forward in stance, its weight on your upper back muscles and neck increases by 10 lbs? For Instance, a human head weighs 12 pounds, and when it held forward from the shoulders for just 3 inches, it causes 42 pounds of pressure on upper back and neck muscles. Which is equivalent to the 3 watermelons resting on your back and neck. Safe exercises for perfect posture is what we will discuss in this article.

When you ignore your posture, you welcome chronic pain in your back. Rounding your lower back while standing for longer period of times, sitting for extended periods in front of laptop or computers, lifting out of sorts or sleeping in improper posture can all leads to unbearable aches.

Maintaining the natural curve in your lower back is important to save yourself from back pains related to poor posture. This natural curve in your lower back aids in distributing weight along the length of spine and works as a tremor absorber. Fine-tuning postural falsifications can help you prevent back pain.

Elementary remedy to sitting all the time is to get up from your seat. Getting up frequently from the seat and doing these easy and quick exercises can literally help you restrain your muscles from getting trapped in a curved over cave man posture.

Exercises for Perfect Posture

1. Chin Tuck:

This exercise can help you inverse forward head posture by firming the neck muscles.

Chin Tuck can be done either sitting or standing. To start with, roll back down your shoulders, place 2 of your fingers on your chin while you look straight, and now move your head back after you slightly fold your chin. Hold like this for about 4-5 seconds before releasing. Repeat the posture 10 times.

2. Wall Angel:

Stand straight against a wall with your feet 4 inches from the base wall. You knees should be slightly bended while your spine, glutes and head should be against the flat wall. Bent your elbows a little while you bring your arms up. Your arms should be parallel to the floor and squeeze your shoulder blades together to make W out of them. Hold in position for 3 seconds. Now straight your elbows without shrugging your shoulders to your years. Repeat the position for 10 times.


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