14 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat to Beat Cancer


8. Other Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables it’s hard to find any veggie that is bad for human health. However, specifically discussing the alkalinity of any vegetable excludes many vegetables from the list as their ability is somewhat less than others which are especially helpful in promoting an alkaline nature in our body. Such vegetables include romaine lettuce, onions, peppers, cucumbers, peas and celery. Hence using these vegetables in both cooked and raw forms helps to fight against cancer.


9. Garlic

It’s no wonder to find garlic here in this list of anti-cancer alkaline foods. Mostly garlic is discussed in different types of diets for heart healthy foods for maintaining cholesterol levels and a healthy heart, antibacterial food and now here it is being discussed as an alkaline food that is healthy against rapidly emerging cancers. It also protects us from viruses and also improves our immunity against chronic diseases. Along with all these effects it has an alkalinity that helps combat cancers. So, one or two coves everyday will give you a range of benefits beyond your imagination.


10. Minerals

Minerals like magnesium, chromium, potassium, and selenium have been known to stimulate alkaline effects in our body. They can be obtained along with the food we eat. However magnesium is still unavailable due to depletion in the soil. Thus, the body needs to be externally supplemented in the form of pills so that the need of the body is not compensated at the cost of your bones. When your body will have all these minerals in their required amount they will resist change in their Ph and keep it alkaline.



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