14 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat to Beat Cancer


Today one of the most challenging and almost fatal disease encountered by mankind today is cancer. Science proves that this surge in the occurrence of the cancer is due to the over consumption of acidic food. It includes unhealthy snacks taken between the meals, junk food items, genetically modified food, processed food items, farmed meat of different kinds and foods loaded with bad carbs. They are ingested and thereafter they turn the pH of the body quite low.

Latest researches in this area has suggested that this rapid occurrence of cancer can be hindered by neutralizing the acidity sustained in the body with alkaline foods which can normalize the pH first and then increase it to an alkaline state. Because the alkaline environment is not suitable for the development of cancer. Also, this pattern of westernized diet should also be changed so that least amount of acids is consumed making body less prone to cancer. Following are such food items that can be adapted as healthy foods which reduce the risk of cancer to negligible amounts.

In order to find out if the pH of your body is acidic or alkaline a lay man can bring a pH paper from the market and check his first urine in the morning against it and compare. This is how he can approximate his pH of the body. The purpose is to make your body more alkaline and reducing the chances of cancer to occur.


1. Lemons

Lemons are an acidic food so including them here as an alkaline food to raise the pH of the body might bring question to our minds. However, research has proved that when the lemon goes inside our body it acts as an alkaline nature product specially when the lemons are consumed with water. Although the lemons are acidic in nature however the effect they have on our body is alkaline. This is why the experts suggest people to add lemon to Luke warm water early in the morning in order to improve the digestion and metabolism in our body. It is also helpful in improving the enzymatic activity and promotes the detoxification.


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2. Spices

Spices like Himalayan salts, curry, cinnamon, sea salt and mustard are some of the spices which are present just a few steps away in your kitchen which are basic in nature and thus when they enter our digestive system they tend to raise the pH of the body thus making our body less prone to acquiring cancer. So, they should be used in our regular cooking.


3. Root Vegetables

Root vegetables such as carrots, horse radish, radishes, rutabaga, turnips and beets are known to have alkaline effects once they enter our digestive tracts. Thus, their powerful basic nature can be utilised in order to combat diseases like cancer. They can be prepared in a number of ways like baking. Stir fry or sauté, broil, steaming these vegetables can also a very healthy option. These vegetables can also be eaten raw in form of different salads. Alon with their alkaline nature they are loaded with lots of fibres that help in the digestion of the sugars in the body and also, they supplement our bodies with essential minerals necessary for our metabolism.


4. Protein

Protein is a very potent food that can be consumed for maintaining an alkaline pH for our body. Specially those proteins that are derived from the plants. Such is the example of proteins from lentils, beans, chestnuts, tofu, almonds, brazil nuts and etc. hence all these foods should be consumed in our daily life. Specially these nuts can replace the carcinogenic snacks fully loaded with artificial additives and taste makers and hence prevent us from toxic chemicals and also maintain alkaline nature in our body.


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