13 Vegetables That Will Make You Gassy


10) Green bell peppers

Consuming green bell peppers can cause gas problems as they are immature bell peppers and not fully developed. These unripe bell peppers contain many compounds that are not fully developed. Thus body is also unable to digest them properly thus causing blotting and severe pain when consumed.

11) Shallots

Shallots have many beneficial properties such as anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties that can be very helpful for the body. But on the other hand these remain indigestible in the body and cause the production of gas and pain. They are a rich source of fiber that does not break down in the stomach and when it reached the intestine its breakage occurs by certain bacteria thus producing gas and unhealthy conditions. Also, these can increase the water content in the intestine leading to further complications and organs disturbance.

12) Asparagus

This green vegetable contains raffinose in it. It is a complex carbohydrate and its breakdown occurs through special enzymes and unfortunately the human body lacks such enzymes thus leading towards blotting. This carbohydrate gets fermented in the intestine by certain bacteria thus producing gases and the accumulation of such gases then causes disturbances in the intestinal tract and causes pain.

13) Leeks

The white part of the leeks is a rich source of frutcans. Fructan is actually a fiber that forms by linking up of fructose molecules and the human body lacks the essential enzymes that digest this fiber. So it can remain in the intestine for a very long time interval and can produce gas and pain. Incomplete or improper digestion of frutcans both can cause blotting. It is thus advisable to consume a moderate amount of this vegetable as this can cause serious complication in people who are fiber sensitive and cannot digest it.



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