13 Foods That Cause Inflammation


9. Fast foods

Fast foods are responsible for increasing the process of inflammation in the body. As the food processing occurs using oils that are not of good quality and have high levels of trans fats in it that can directly affect the adipose tissues in the body and lead towards chronic inflammation that can also lead towards other diseases. Margarine is widely used in these fast foods that although increases the shelf life but when consumed can lead to serious complications.

10. Tropical fruits

It is rightly said that excess of everything is really bad whether it is beneficial or not. Tropical fruits contain a high level of glucose. Natural glucose is not harmful to use and has no harmful effects on the body but when natural glucose consumption occurs in large amount it can have the same harmful effect as refined sugars and carbohydrates. They increase up the blood glucose levels and also lack essential fibers that regulate the normal functioning of the body.

11. Foods cooked at high temperature

A variety of food products need high temperature for cooking and have the same harmful effect that the fried products can have on the body. Normally heating and cooking the food at high temperature can kill all the bacteria and pathogens present in the food but on the other hand it can also produce some carcinogens that trigger up the process of inflammation by entering into the body. Also the spores of the certain bacteria can also strive at this temperature and inflame the arteries and nerves in the body. To avoid the formation of these carcinogens it is advisable to use lemon juice or red wine along with these high temperature foods.

12. Artificial colors

To make the food products look good and appealing, certain artificial flavors introduction takes place in it. Though they make the food look presentable but on the other hand can also speed up the process of the inflammation. Certain ingredients are present in the artificial colors that disrupt the endothelial lining of the cells and also make the cells work in an abnormal way. Thus it is important to use and enjoy the natural colors and flavors of the food products.

13. Over processed dairy products

The milk products and the milk itself contain many pro-biotics that can be very useful for the gut micro flora and also strengthen up the muscles and bones of the body. Many people face the difficulty of digesting the milk and milk products due to the deficiency of different enzymes in the body and if the pro-biotics are not present the digestion of these products becomes even more difficult. These non pro-biotic food products then cause the inflammation of the nerves and muscles in the body. Pro-biotics keep the endothelial lining of the muscles smooth and strengthened, thus it is important to consume pro-biotics rich yoghurt, milk and other products.


  1. Very important on health issues. Helps a lot to control our bad habits of eating thus keeping us in good health and out of suffering. Many many thanks for the articles.


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