13 Foods That Cause Inflammation


6. Seed and vegetable oils

Most of the oil extracted today contain a mixture of many other oils in it and these polyunsaturated fats are at a high risk of damage by oxidation. These processed oils have high level of Omega 6 content in it that can promote inflammation. It is therefore advisable to use Omega 3 oil along with the Omega 6 to lessen the effect and process of inflammation rather than consuming Omega 6 fatty acids that only cause inflammation.

7. Drinking excess alcohol

If alcohol consumption occurs at normal levels then it is beneficial but if alcohol consumption occurs in high amount that can lead towards inflammation. To check this out the inflammation marker helps and the people who consume more alcohol have high levels of CRP than those who consume a moderate level. High levels of alcohol imbalance the levels of the bacteria in the colon and trigger inflammation. This inflammation can then damage the organs in the body. Thus it is important to consume a limited amount of alcohol a day.

8. Artificially produced trans fats

One of the unhealthiest fats include the artificially produced trans fats. When hydrogen addition occurs in the unsaturated fats for a solid consistency, trans fats formation occurs. Margarine has high level of these trans fats and is mostly used in the processed foods to increase the shelf life of the food products so that they can remain consumable for a longer period of time. They also disrupt the endothelial lining of the arteries. We can report the trans fats amount using CRP markers. Soya bean oil also triggers the process of inflammation when consumed in high mount.


  1. Very important on health issues. Helps a lot to control our bad habits of eating thus keeping us in good health and out of suffering. Many many thanks for the articles.


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